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EY-OP840: modu840 - Local Operating Unit


Your advantage for energy efficiency
SAUTER EY-Modulo 5 - the latest technology

Areas of use
Very simple local display, navigation and operation for automation stations on site.


  • Plug-in component to extend automation station modu525
  • Local operating and display unit for direct local and manual operation of AS modu525
  • Intuitive one-knob operation with 'turn and press'
  • Graphic display with various font sets and types
  • Menu-guided navigation with user logon to authorise operation
  • Information is visualised, with structural display of the installation
  • 2 LED indicators for installation alarm and function status
  • Display of objects, alarms and further information
  • Part of the SAUTER EY-modulo 5 family

Technical description

  • Voltage supply direct from AS
  • LCD resolution: 160 x 100 pixels
  • different font sizes
  • Language can be changed over, choice of up to 4 languages
  • Can be plugged directly onto the EY-modulo 5 automation station
  • Remote location possible, for installation in MCC with accessoires